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Welcome at the best casino featured website, created by one of the best casino players! My name is Jerry Norris who is 21 and who had a great chance to visit the City of Sin finally and try out in real casinos everything, which I practiced online! Yes, maybe it sounds a little bit strange, but my dream has always been to visit Las Vegas and understand why people like traditional casinos so much. I started to play gambling games at online casinos and I was completely satisfied with that. But who of casino players do not dream about the Mecca of gambling?

Casino gambling is my passion. I play different games at different casinos and I know for sure what is good for gambling and what is not. So, I've decided to tell everything that I know about casino gambling to share with other people concerning online casinos and traditional casinos as well and I’ m sure, that such gamblers and casino fans as I am will be glad to find this info.

I will be glad to tell you some principles of blackjack game and of slots. I love them most of all, though they are completely different. These two games are the most popular among casino gamblers, as they offer good payouts and what can be more attractive? Slots will be good for players who are sure, that casino gambling is just a having fun and trying out the luck, while blackjack will be interesting for serious players, who want not only to beat the casino, but also to prove that they are able to use the most complicated strategies to achieve their winnings. If you do not know to which category of players you belong to, choose baccarat casino game, as it is a combination of games of luck and strategic games. Of course, you can try to play roulette and other games which are waiting for you at the best online casinos!

And if you want to have access to your favorite casino games 24/7, you need to start playing at mobile casinos! This is one of the newest offers for online gamblers which has gained huge popularity. Today you will hardly find a person who does not use smartphone or tablet, and anyone of them can play casino game whenever they want because everything they need to do is to download software for playing. You can learn all the information about bodog canada mobile which is one of the best options for players who prefer mobile games.

There are so many different casino games, that I am sure, that any person can find something interesting for him. But it is necessary to play different games to understand which of them will be good for you. The best way to do that is to play online, as online gambling houses offer free games services, where you have no need to pay, but just enjoy the game. A lot of people start their gambling activity in this way, as they understand how important the practice is. I hope that when you start to play online you will understand how good gambling is and try yourself at betting for money.

But even before you start to play casino games for free, it will be a great idea to watch how they are played. It will be easy for you to do that as lots of videos are available at Youtube. There you will find educational movies, that help to play at real games, secrets of playing games online, and even episodes of the biggest gambling competitions. Visualizing all you have read about gambling you will make you game knowledge absolutely complete.

The Craps Guide at Platinum Play online Casino will really broaden your knowledge about this wonderful game. There you can learn all sort of useful information including how to play Free Craps as a way of minimising your risk and maximising your eventual wins.

I sincerely hope you'll find here something interesting and useful for you. Only the best casino games, such as blackjack, slots, video poker, baccarat, craps and pai gow are clearly described here. You will be able to get acquainted not only with general information on these games, but also some strategies, which you may use for winning the game. I also want you to know the best casino in Las Vegas, so I’ve tried to make the description of it. You will be able also to find the list of top online casinos, which I visit every time I want to have a good game. Do not hesitate to make a visit to some of them, there you will find really attractive offers. Thank you for visiting my Casino Ship and good luck playing casino games!

Wizzard Of Odds

Nobody will tell you the world of casino and games' secrets than Wizzard of Odds: you can trust him for sure as this person is a real gambling expert who devoted all his life to casino gambling!

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1 GOCasino
Bonus: 225% / £300
2 OnlineVegas
Bonus: 200% / $300
3 LasVegasUSA
Bonus: 125% / $300
4 WinPalace
Bonus: 100% / $100
5 RushmoreCasino
Bonus: 200% / $100


Bonus: 100%

Match bonus:£300



Users' rating:10

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Nothing can be better than playing your favorite casino games as often as you want and get super casino bonus every time you do that! But it would be nice to become a real expert first because only the Internet helps you here! Casinos online provide every player with a chance to play when s/he wants and know more on the topic given. Everything you should do is reading, learning and trying to remember for its further usage.


Nobody will tell you the world of casino and games' secrets than Wizzard of Odds: you can trust him for sure as this person is a real gambling expert who devoted all his life to casino gambling

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