Different kinds bets of Baccarat Game

kinds of bets

Baccarat is one of the standard card games that are usually played at casinos. There are few types of bet in baccarat game, and the result of the game depends on luck mainly. Still, there are a few strategies that are implemented by baccarat players to increase chances of winning the game.

Betting system is the main factor of baccarat game you should know. If you really want to play the baccarat game, at first you should know the baccarat rules, baccarat strategy and it's betting system. Also will be impossible for you to play successful not learning the baccarat tips.

Baccarat is one of the games that have big range of bets. You can find table with minimal bet is $1, but there are also tables where stakes can rise to several thousands of dollars. Of course, it depends on you only which of the tables you will choose.

To win more you must follow the baccarat bets; remember that it is the game of luck as well as craps odds for example. Otherwise you will lose your money within a short time. Only three kinds of bet are in the baccarat game. Let’s discover them to know how you can act during the game.

Banker Bet:

Banker is a person who deals cards during the game. He can also be called dealer, but in baccarat the traditional name is used. As you probably know, in baccarat you place your bet on the possible game winner, and in the case of banker bet, you bet that dealer has better hand than player.

Player Bet:

Player bet is opposite to banker bet and it means that you need to place your bet on player’s win. For example, you place player bet. The dealer has total value of his hand 7, and you have 6. It means that you lose the game, because you have placed a wrong bet.

Tie Bet:

Tie is the least popular bet as it has the lowest winning chances. The matter is that according to this bet you need to place on the result when both player and dealer have the same value of hand.

Card Values of Baccarat

The other important thing you need to know is the value of each card. You should understand how to count the value of the hand and understand who the winner is!

  1. Ace value is 1
  2. Ten and the pictured cards are 0
  3. All the remaining cards have value that are indicated at the corners.

Following these information, you can play the baccarat game easily!