Playing System of Blackjack

system of blackjack

Blackjack is one of the casino games. The popularity of this game is very big. It is a very favorite game to all types of casino players. Blackjack has rather simple rules, but the myth that its rules are very complicated is very popular among beginner players. Any player should follow these rules to be able to play the game that is why it is very important to know at least basics. For playing the blackjack well, everybody has to know about the blackjack rules and blackjack strategy, so let us get acquainted with this info.

Blackjacks rules

A major blackjack rule is very simple. You play against dealer, not other players. There are some difference between blackjack hand and dealer’s hand (player has 2 up cards from the beginning of the game, while dealer’s face down card stays uncovered for the end of the game round . Besides, blackjack has some specific rules for the dealer. The matter is that in different game variations dealer has certain limits to the hit/stand options (for example, the rule for dealer may be to stand having any 17).

Blackjack game is sometimes called luck game. But at the same time, in order to win the game, you have to follow some strategies and tips of blackjack. With their help your wining possibility will be bigger the blackjack game.

The aim of blackjack game

Every game has a definite object. In blackjack the main aim is to get 21 points, or the total value of a hand bigger than dealer’s. Besides, the total number should not be higher than 21, otherwise you will bust. Sometimes both dealer and player have 21 points and this situation is called tie or push. The winner in this case is determined by the rules of particular table.

Restrictions for the Dealer

The dealer has some restriction for the blackjack game. The dealer deals the cards during the game. At first, two cards are given to the each player. Dealer also has two cards, but one of them will be placed face up, and the other – face down (in some blackjack variations both of the cards may be places face up). When every player has two cards that are placed face up and when everyone has made a decision whether to hit or stand, dealer shows his revealed card.

The dealer will hit until he has certain value of the hand according to which he must stand. Pay attention that if dealer has Ace as his first card, you get a chance to Insurance or Surrender to protect you bet.

As you can see it is quite easy to play blackjack, and even player who just starts to play casino games can enjoy blackjack. Blackjack game is one best casino game in this world and every casino review will tell you that. So learn the game to have better winning chances and play it now. It’s easy!