Some Rules of Pai Gow Poker Online Casino Game

Pai Gow Poker

CasinosShip - Pai gowPai Gow poker online is one of the most loved poker variations all over the world. This game is usually played with huge stakes and you need to remember about that before you take a sit at one of the pai gow tables.

Game running of pai gow poker is very simple. The dealer would deal every game player with seven cards. Then they have to manage one hand with 5 cards and other hand with 2 cards. During the game you need to manage your hand in the way that can help you to create a good hand. Rules of pai gow remind standard poker game rules greatly, so if you played poker before, it would be easy for you to play pai gow.

Rules to Play

The hand that consists of five cards is called High hand. The other hand that consists of two cards is calledLow hand. In order to win you need to have better high hand. Still, bot h of the hands are compared, especially in situation when players have equal in value high hands.

Pai Gow Poker has one feature that makes it very different from all other poker games. The matted is that it is an American variation of traditional Chinese games that uses dominoes. In American adaptation, this game is played with standard deck of card and additional Joker card.

The main thing any player should perform during the game is managing his hand. When managing your card, then you have to note that you play against other players and they try to make their hands better as well. In fact, casino provides equal chances to win for each player and you should use them to make a good win.

During the game of Pai Gow each player should place a bet that in result will comprise game pot.

Pai Gow Hands

Thoughthe Pai Gow Poker has many rules that are common to traditional poker games, it still would be insignificantly different. The matter is that is has slightly different card combinations than video poker for example. As it was mentioned before, the Pai Gow is played with 52 traditional cards and joker.

The most frequently Pai Gow poker hands are as following:

  • Five aces with joker
  • Straight flash
  • Royal flash
  • Flash
  • Four of a kind
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Two pair
  • Ace and so on

If you want to try pai gow poker, you can do that at any online casino site. Because of the game popularity, most of the casinos provide it to players. So, you could play the Pai Gow Poker and enjoy the different flavor of these games. So, start playing Pai Gow Poker online and have fun.