Some Rules for Playing Video Poker


Video poker rules are very simple, especially if you have at least some experience in playing gambling games. It is very simple and so easy to play video poker that even a child could do that.

The main aim of the video poker game is to beat the hand of your competitors. The winning hand will be shown on the display of the game. Some important tips for playing video poker games are given below. rules of blackjack

Guide for Playing Video Poker

  1. At first you have to put the coins into the poker machine. You need also to place a bet. Choose its size with game options.
  2. Then you will press the Deal or Draw button of this machine. Then the machine will show result of your primary poker hand. Now you may make your decision on the quality of the hand.
  3. If you want to keep your card into the machine for some time, you need to press on the Hold or Cancel bottom.
  4. Then you should press Draw or Deal button once more.
  5. The machine shows the result of a deal, and if you are winner, you get you bet back with the reward added, but if your hand is not winning, you lose your bet.

The Basic Rules of Video poker

At first you have to learn well how to choose the machine. It is very essential for anyone to know about all types of video poker machines and such a game as pai gow poker online, as sometimes this variation can also be met in video poker games. But there is no matter which of the video poker games you have chosen to play if you do not know poker hands. Here is a brief information concerning them:

Royal Flush - royal Flush is one of the better possible wining hands. Actually, it is a type of Straight Flush hand, but it creates the rarest combination met in the game.

Straight Flush - in this flush combination with 5 cards of the same suits that follow each other in the card sequence.

Four of a kind - four cards should be of the same value, but different in suits.

Full House - rather good hand that has 3 card of one value and 2 cards of other value.

Flush - five cards that are similar in suits, but different in value. Should not be placed in a sequence.

Straight - five cards in a sequence that have different suits.

Three of a kind - combination of 3 cards of common value and 2 other cards.

Two Pair - hand with two pair of matching in value cards and one other card.

Pair - hand containing only one pair of matching in value cards plus three other cards..

As you can see it is easy to remember all types of hand that are used in video poker. Do it now and play this fantastic game.